Environmental Policy

EnviroPrintGroup is committed to minimising the ecological footprint of our operations by pursuing environmentally sustainable practices in our operations.
EnviroPrintGroup will achieve this by developing and maintaining an EMS which :
  • Complies with all legal and other commitments and agreements relating to environmental management;
  • Actively promotes and encourages the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practices and operations;
  • Prevents the pollution of the environment as a result of our work practices and operations;
  • Continually improves performance and realises opportunities for environmentally positive contribution and efficient use of raw materials to conserve natural resources;
  • Actively promotes recycling both internally and amongst its customer and suppliers;
  • Sets targets and review results on a regular basis with the aim of continual improvement of our environmental performance;
Management at all levels of EnviroPrintGroup is responsible for ensuring that this policy is communicated and adhered to by all employees and subcontractors, and that it is made available to interested members of the public.